'Harry and Meghan were "not welcome" at star-studded BAFTA Tea Party in Los Angeles - with London executives deciding it would be a PR disaster following the fallout of Spare', sources claim Described as Britains safest pair of hands, top of Lord Parkers in-tray will be allegations that the Firm did not provide enough support to Meghan when she flagged her deteriorating mental health to the HR department. This exactly aspects Saturn at 19 Capricorn in the Clevr astrology chart. Or, just sacrifice the money and cancel the story, correct? Your published comment will appear on the website and in search engine results. I think that was obvious early on she spoke out against Trump prior to being married to Harry and was out of the picture on the Trump visit. As an American, Im really struck by the structual racism of Great Britian its in the structures of government (House of Lords) and culture the classism, the prejudice against those who dont have the right accent, the right color of skin, its in your economy and history. Her astrological chart is also singing in 2021. As I just mentioned to another reader, Neptune rules distortion. Its amazing how many people have not watched the Winfrey show. On the Wallis Simpson issue, my Mum also called it. She worked as a psychic medium for Diana, Princess of Wales and wrote a book about her experiences: Diana, The Last Word. She has studies Diana for years and I dont even believe her meeting Harry and them connecting was fate. Too much of what they said, didnt add up. Thanks also for Douglas as a pointer to the Isle of Man. Two things though that really interest and confuse me however is Princess Michael of Kents tasteless blackamoor brooch that she wore to a Christmas function that Meghan was attending, its a weird image of her driving in with that brooch on and really was in very poor taste and a very insulting choice of brooch was Princess Michael of Kent deliberately wearing this brooch to insight racial divisions? Ive spoken to both Rita Rogers and Sylvie Simmons, who read for Diana, on the phone in the past and found them so intriguing and accurate on other matters. Could she enter politics? Hi Jessica Jessica Adams does not reply to every comment and her replies are on a best-efforts basis which means your comment or question may never receive a reply. I could never understand why he was so popular, I felt he was reckless, something many taxpayers dont appreciate. The link is here, if you will allow it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYyEx20DiKU&ab_channel=TheBehaviorPanel. Not the week after, or on a quiet day. And Oprah Winfrey will become centre stage in a very different way to her usual TV role.. Some were for Russia, America and Britain as Ive mentioned. Here is Oprah Winfrey recently promoting Clevr, the American drink company Meghan Markle bought shares in. By almost all measures, humanity is better off than it has ever been. And here we are on March 13th, 2021. Frankly I wish it would back fire on the pair spectacularly. The new baby girl? The financial independence they claimed to want could prove more difficult than they thought! I asked my friend, the financial astrologer Olga Morales to have a look at the astrological chart for Meghans investment, Clevr Blends. Can astrology reveal that Megan and Harry are not alone and that there is another man in this relationship because according to news Andrew was connected to young girls??? Well see praise as well as criticism then, it will work both ways. I imagine the goal is Hollywood and other real estate on a grand scale. But when opened CNN news site, it was top news and couldnt avoid to see lots of headlines. Predictions for Lady Diana. So happy and relaxed together) The War of the Roses prediction is spot-on and seems set to get worse given that Gayle King has leaked details of private conversation between the princes to the world how can they discuss tricky matters if they dont respect their own privacy? Dont know why its affected me so much. The timing of the Harry, Meghan and Oprah show is worth looking at. In February 2019 Jessica Adams shared her extraordinary insight that a virus would "disrupt the world" in 2020, and even mentioned the date the first victim died in Wuhan - January 10. If the load associated with being the Duke of Sussex, in absentia, turns out to be too demanding by 2022, he may well volunteer to give up the role as you say, its a sad business. Charles,had nothing to give to his sad ,sad boys.Its heartbreaking. We HAVE the techonology! Meghans father? Thanks again. But personally I have watched many Leos play very bad ego card obviously giving it some other colour. Once someones version of truth is out there, especially if it relates to a sensitive issue, it becomes very hard to take an opposing public view. Actually they are not. "The healing power of motherhood is what strikes me . I remember reading all of your predictions at the tome and this follow up after tell all is very interesting. And Oprah Winfrey will become centre stage in a very different way to her usual TV role.. I dont see peace. Even if Harry, as a grown man and her husband was not up to giving the support she says she needed, why did he not ensure she gained it, instead of jetting here there and everywhere for lunches etc? I agree with Tara there has always been something not quite right with Meghans persona. Here we will send. 1. will the Americans get to see the real Meghan and will their feelings of her change? I couldnt watch the interview. So yes, we have a right to enquire. I was very interested in everyones comments, particularly by Moonface about Meghans announcement timings. Whether Meghan knew or cared is anyones guess but her blazing smile after her husbands childish behaviour must have grated. That is an astonishing thing to do. It took the Andrew Morton unofficial ghostwritten autobiography of Diana, for the world to wake up. Maybe interesting to see what the stars say on the dates they first met etc The Queen 2022 Predictions. I always liked Harry, actually. 2022 Predictions, Predictions for world 2022. I think the Queen has seen the likes of Meghan before and is a shrewd person and therefore unlikely to play into her hands just yet. I feel Oprah was a bit of a snake and took advantage of their vulnerability apparently she hounded Diana for a tell all interview also. Im very glad they did. The Biden presidency is interesting, because it is all about Kamala Harris. Feel this interview was the beginning of the end for this couple though. I strongly felt too that despite Meghan being semi famous prior to Harry that her ego couldnt resist that woo-ing of Oprah. Did Meghan consult a psychic? Thank you for your comments. However, f Continue Reading Theres only one problem, she needs to ditch the the Duchess title because she will not win an election with it. Im so shocked that she threw her in laws under the bus especially (the future queen!) What we absolutely know to be true. Why listen to Oprah?. Let me check this allegation. Im sure all you natural psychics reading this, will know exactly what I meant. Then there is the half-sister who was also shut out by Meghan, she says. Its certainly in these two charts, timed in a fated way, at 19 degrees. I think Meghan was naive in how she saw the royal family and perhaps wants to do service in name only to enhance her brand. That seems like an odd imbalance. He actually looks nothing like James Hewitt, apart from his (Spencer) colouring, and looks much more like Charles than William does. Perhaps creating a feeling of It is us against the world or something? Et pour 2023, cette voyante vient de faire une folle prdiction concernant le prince Harry et Meghan Markle. I wonder how Harrys chart shows his mother. People have missed a few tricks there and this all goes back to the Leo eclipses of 2017. If Harry did discuss his theories about Dianas death with Oprah, that would certainly prompt MI5 and MI6 involvement. So many questions. You are not the only person on this website, or on my Twitter account, to have been uneasy about Meghan. Kate and William are hugely popular in Australia but nobody can jet around the world as they did. When I left a message for Piers Morgan about the hospital address for the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip (so you could all send flowers and Get Well cards) I was inundated with thanks on Twitter. You can see the video here; fast-forward to the end of the program. Lady Colin Campbell is an expert on the House of Windsor of course, and Ill watch that later, on YouTube, to catch up. Thank you for your comments. Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton obviously knew Diana best as she confided in them, of course. I did watch the interview. Yes, I also found myself in tears, just before I had to host a live event on YouTube, and a Zoom. Meghan was born on 4 August 1981. It will be financial. Im going off now to find out more about Douglas and Doug the variant! Whatever actually occurred, Harry suggesting on international TV that her death was a murder would be a crisis of absolutely epic proportions. It was far more likely to have been one of the magi, considering that she was off to a Christmas event. Hello Jessica, According to Kelly, that means he is. He has a mixed race family too and has been furious on behalf of the House of Windsor. We should voice that all royal families are also humans!!! The accuracy of your predictions is incredible. Perhaps I was picking up both, years into the future. published September 09, 2021 Princess Diana's astrologer once made a spookily accurate prediction about the fate of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Ive had some vile comments on Twitter and also on this website, but its water off a ducks back, as my family say. Why hit a man when he is down? I just thinks its a shame, I do feel that the interview has been run like a playbook, ticking off all the hot topics of the day ie mental health etc and a lot of these hot topics people are in a position they cannot be seen to question the authenticty of these stories for fear of blowback but I do feel the full truth will prevail at some point, its just the damage that it creates it the meantime. Thats a peculiar omission. Feel free to ask me about Harry, Meghan and Oprah. I think a lot of people had that automatic reaction, didnt they. The truth was Camilla, who was filmed and photographed, looking at Diana, on her wedding. I know these are unkind and cynical things to say but something is not right. Jessica, . Predictions for Prince Harry. Later on, though, that date will become significant. The question is, will Meghan and Harrys accusations of alleged racism hurt the monarchys role with Commonwealth countries? You and Piers Morgan were right, the interview should have been phosponed for a later date. Harry has chosen sides and thats that. This story, these people seems almost Fiction. Penny Thornton at Astrolutely: The monarchy has withstood hurricanes of scandal over its one thousand years of existence, and its going to take a lot more than the combined efforts of the Sussexes- unintentional though they may be to see it written off in the next couple of years.. Why was travel always written in Archie's stars and is he really the reincarnation of Princess Margaret? So many saying that Harry and Meghan are victims but I dont think we will ever see them queuing up to use the food bank. I was hoping hed make it to 100 but it wasnt to be. Astrology does not show delusions or paranoia. There are several more. I should also point out that I live in a mixed race family and both my partner and dear sister-in-law are far darker of skin than Meghan. Was Meghan unkind to staff, behaving badly in Australia? Lets see. You are solely responsible for what you post. A number of readers have talked about narcissists and narcissism as a psychological condition. So many people wanted him to pass the 100th birthday mark but so sadly for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, that didnt come to pass. Thank you. He predicts that Charles will inherit the crown in a period just after September 2020, after which he will pursue Harry's return to the royal family. Police report says the driver was speeding in crash that killed UGA football player and staffer. No, I didnt lose weight either! Magazine that as Diana's personal astrologer, she was asked to draw up and study charts for both of her sons. He said: " The Queen will. Saw #TheWedding and been saying all along that something isnt right with MM (Meghan Markle). The royals struggled with the separation of. Yet we are faced daily with outrages which lead to hopelessness and polarization. No, because of those Leo eclipses. The bigger question is The Firm. If it was the other way around, I think it would give this Hewitt story more legs. I also cant believe Meghan had no help with her mental health in this day and age (Dianas era would have been very different) yet Meghan sees only rejection and being ill-treated by almost everyone! Since Pluto will stay in this position for much of 2020, there are further far-reaching. I lost count the number of times I quoted your wars of the roses statement before and after it was actually written in the press. Maureen Callahan. Like it not English royalty thousands of years old and the Queen swore an oath to god for life and she apparently felt god/ a higher presence during the coronation at Westminster this is not celebrity or entertainment. This is what you read on this website back in 2018. Is one of the young girls Megan??? Their trump card! From your comment : You will find that MI5 and MI6 become involved from this point. They will be offered the same status as Princess Anne's title-free son, Peter Phillips." jessicaadams.com Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions by Jessica Adams Psychic Astrologer. As you read on this website here way back on December 16th, 2017, Meghan Markle is a Leo, but she has a strong Taurus chart signature, which is always about money. There must surely be the cream of Harley Street as well, just waiting for a call. This seemed to be a small detail, back when I made the prediction. I remember searching this topic years ago and nothing came up and thinking the red hair must come from the Spencer side. I wonder whether you could look at Hewitts chart with Harrys and see anything there? The mass prediction is that it will end in a maximum of three years. I think with all this Neptune in the mix right now, we, they, everyone, including our politicians, are being affected. Ive posted on that, in response to another reader. So Im passing that information on to you. Its awful, because they really cannot get the help they need. The astrology has always said something else, as you can see, and that is why it is so useful. I completely agree with Tara, I remember seeing Meghan at an event on the news, and what I seen just made me question her authenticity. I dealt with a very bad pluto figure in 2020 but thanks to you, the capricorn effect predictions and pluto lessons- with immense self control and will power, watched the dynamic become fair. I saw the footage of the black cabs lined up, in respect, almost to the gates of Buckingham Palace and that more than anything, has moved so many people. We can compare the astrological charts to see if these women are the same. People born at this astrological angle are like The Leo-Capricorn match can also be a challenging one because both are "alpha" signs, but in totally different ways. I have long believed that somthing was off about meghan, & to an extent, Harry. Only time will tell. I find it interesting that you dont think their meeting was fate. Without sounding like Im jumping on the bandwagon Ive always seen something else with Meghan, right through from the engagement. This would be why they have plans to relocate again. Thanks to astrologers Kate Silas and Olga Morales and psychic Tara Buffington. Youre also the third person this morning to have mentioned the speculation about Prince Harry and his real father. We also have an accurate, timed chart for Prince Harry. Images courtesy of various news and pinterest sources. Why not read up on it before you assume youre not a racist? Thanks Angelina. Speaking to OK! Do you think even after Harry and Meghan divorced, William and Harry wont be reconciled? There is another story that the Winfrey show was really about Meghans investment in Clevr. En 2022, Hannah Caroll avait prdit la mort de la reine Elizabeth II. She will lose her title, which I think is a pretty old prediction on this website. Have you people ever looked at the difference in headlines between Meghan and Kate? Thats her goal and I think Oprah and her Democrat friends engineered the interview to raise her profile. Enough is enough. Beyond that, there is plain human instinct, intuition, psychic insight call it what you like. Hi Jessica The timing has been more than coincidental to say the least. Thank you. Clevr is the alternative drink, to coffee and chocolate, that I predicted on October 19th, 2020. and property ventures dont work out? I dont think he has ever shown narcissistic tendencies prior to meeting Meghan so ill give him the benefit of the doubt. PS Harry and Megan I saw the tweet around retrograde mercury. I did not know that Steve Bing was reported to have taken his life, or that he was at dinner with Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell in their last public appearance. I have found and read the Meghan Markle article you mentioned. Wonder.Is Harry really aware of.what he has said.Harry has really hurt the Queen,uncunsiansly.M in her way. We are not perfect, but we are definitely NOT what they have portrayed. However, they are approaching this extremely carefully. Astrology analyst Debby Frank has set out to predict how many prominent members of the Royal Family are due to feel this year following a rough 2020. So I just watched it. Do not post personal information or anything that should not be made public. There are tremendous questions about values with Meghan and Harry. Thank you for your thoughts. I think with all the suffering and heartache around the world right now, the timing of all of this maybe a welcome distraction to some and an avenue to obsess and use to direct their frustrations, but for me I feel its all been done in bad taste. I expect well hear from him, or the people close to him, next. Prince William has been photographed in tears. However as they were about to climb the steps, the Sussex car drew up but, instead of giving way, both Harry and Meghan rushed up the stairs, greeted the Church officials and started down the aisle. The story goes, Meghan is deliberately copying not just the wardrobe, but also the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Meghan will be tempted to sign a lucrative book deal to write her autobiography. This would be loosely following the script of how Oprah helped Obama win the election and another reason why the Democrats would support the interview. I am just shaking my head at this. She will not return to Britain; I doubt she will ever be forgiven for timing the show when Prince Philip was so dangerously ill in hospital. A royal family news expert is serving up a shocking prediction, claiming that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are headed for divorce court. There is a part of me that thinks, the smart thing to do in this new life within the House of Windsor would have been to take a low profile and bypass so much discussion about what should be a private life, online. I did not know Princess Michael of Kent wore an offensive brooch. Read on to find out why the real story in 2021 is about Meghan's investments, promoted by Oprah Winfrey. I think the Royal family have been extremely tolerant of MEghan and Harry. The facial expressions spoke volumes. I used to think Prince Harry might be James Hewitts son. We really need to look at the CIA, FBI and the Epstein-Maxwell story. Honestly, you are incredible. And of course Prince Andrew. Its never going to happen. Comment moderation is in force, which means your comment will not appear immediately if at all. He has a mixed-race family. Simone Simmons, back on October 8th 2018, predicted problems for Harry and Meghan and one or two children. Why is it everyone elses fault? The British psychic starts his annual predictions video by telling viewers, "I produce these sort of videos all the way through the year, but . Why go to air and create a crisis when Prince Philip is in hospital with a heart condition? Thank you for this information, Liz. Another reader has also raised this question about Prince Harry. Is it Andrew??? Yes, as you say, lucre is the key. She happens to fall in love with a true Prince and then not only is forced to end her career and life as she build it. Wow what type of people dont care for the loved one in hospital I think very crazy ones in their head. BUT if Harry was Hewitts son, there arent pictures of that bike ride. Well, it would be if it wasnt so desperately sad. I dont think anyone would deny an actress becomes an actress, because she wants the spotlight. But most media framed it as racial issues blindly. Harrys lifestyle (anyone recall his Las Vegas shenanigans! or as you suggest possibly something else altogether? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGeypJWa7OI, And a more recent and very interesting reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQmyGXKwGoc. I may have been able to draw up horoscopes in my teenage years with compass, pertracter, yearly ephemeris and thankfully a calculator, (so much quicker than log tables), but the interpretation was not my strong point. From the psychic point of view, you feel sea sick. Thats it. Nobody dislikes Meghan because of race. But thank you for your comment. The House of Windsor will be perfectly fine long-term, but Meghans future without any royal associations or British alliances is uncertain. There will be no reunion for Prince William and Prince Harry..